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I am Suresh Babu from Nellore, Andhra pradesh, India. I started my career with tutoring to the 10th class students especially Mathematics. Mathematics is very difficult to the students. I studied my 12th grade with Maths physics and chemistry subjects. later I went for engineering. While I was studying Engineering I got married and took tutoring as my Profession. Later  God gave me a provision of working for a children's home where 30 to 40 children of different classes are there. My role is there to take care of the children as a father. All these years I teach my children mathematics whenever they are in need. Like this I have experience of teaching mathematics for 20 years. Now I wanted to teach children in not only different parts of India but also globally. I tried a free version of software which can be useful to me for teaching online. Then I decided to take this software and start teaching mathematics. As I am a  father of 25 children I cannot go anywhere to work to meet any special needs. I felt this Online teaching is a best source for me to get an extra income sitting at home. Then I designed this website to give more information about me and my services to the visitors of my website.I am full confident that I can do justice to this profession. I request the visitors of my website to register on my website so that I will be in touch and you can use the services I provide in my website.  


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